You are everywhere!

I’ve been following BCSM since its inception in 2011. Over the last month and a half, this focus has been more intense given my dissertation related research. Data collection isn’t complete, but it’s already easy to see one of the differences of an online community being played out within BCSM – people participate from all over.

And I truly mean all over. Here is a map of participants over the past 45 days (you can click on the map to see a bigger version):

Map of bcsm tweets as of 060214

And here is the same map, zoomed in a bit to focus on North America.

Map of bcsm tweets N America detail as of 060214


That’s just a month and a half of tweets in a very active community. Imagine what this map will look like in another 45 days?

A few caveats about these maps:

– This isn’t a traditional heat map which uses colors to represent density, but rather a display of the raw number of tweets sent from any given location. There are heat map elements given the clusters of pins, though.
– Not everyone using Twitter can have their location identified, so this map is a subset of all users. If you want to know more about Twitter and location, here is a good overview.

My interviews to date have been reflective of this geographic diversity, and have highlighted both regional differences as well as universal similarities. I have to admit, it’s thrilling to hear everyone’s unique perspective.

Are you represented by one of those pins? I’m still looking for interview participants, and would love to connect!


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