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Green light

Thanks to Curtis Newton for use of the photo “Green Light = Go” (CC BY-NC-SA), based on the photo “GO” by Ludovic Bertron (CC BY)

Starting today, I’m reaching out to find people to interview for my research on the BCSM community. This is a significant aspect of my research, and if you or others you know have been a part of BCSM (even if you’ve only lurked and never posted), I’d love to connect. BCSM is a robust community, and I’d love to speak with a wide representation of community members; whether you view yourself primarily as a patient, provider, advocate, researcher, or other role, your voice is welcomed.

The conversation should take about 45 minutes to an hour total, and will cover a range of topics related to health in general as well as BCSM specifically. More information on who I am and what I’m looking to accomplish can be found here and here. And, of course, you can always reach out to me via email or Twitter

It has taken a lot of work to get here. Two years of coursework. Comprehensive exams. Months to hone in on an idea (and shelving many I hope to return to later). Proposal writing and defense. IRB preparation and approval… Plus becoming a mom in the midst of all of it. And finally, finally, I am at the place where I can start collecting data. I’m excited to get going, and looking forward to your input!


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